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Gartow usually is a quiet place to live. Far away from the big cities but still only 2 hours from Hamburg or Berlin. And being a restful place doesn't mean it's boring here. There are plenty of things you can do.

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Either in the local Wendlandtherme whith a Sauna, a Restaurant, and much more. The distance from "Haus Rosenkamp" ca. 300m
or the lake in Gartower
Walking distance: ca. 10 min
Canoeing, wind-surfing and more
on the lake and nearby rivers (Elbe). Boats and canoes are for hire.
About 200m from the house you'll enter the forests of Gartow. Ask for guided tours, please.
The region is a cyclists paradise because you can get to nearly all the points of interest on bike. In the village you can rent bycicles for as little as 1,5 Euro for a kid's bike or 3 Euro for an adult. The latest bicycle-tour guide is always in "Haus Rosenkamp". 2 bicycles are available for free.
Nearly half the population here rides horses. We offer a stable nearby where you can leave your horse(s) at night. A grazing meadow is also close by. You (or your kids) can also attend courses in riding. A western-style trainer is in the next village.


If you like fishing, in the lake and the creeks around it you'll find a great variety of fish. Please ask for a license.

The "Gräflich von Bernstorff'sche Forstverwaltung" (the count Bernstorff owns some 5000 ha of forest here) offers hunting opportunities for the ambitioned hunter. Please ask for details.
There is a public library close by (though you won't find many English books there) they also offer a public internet-access. Walking distance: ca 10 min.

Throughout the year there are festivals both folkloristic (e.g.the "Schützenfest" ) or Dragon Boat Races, Music.....

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Things to do...

Though Gartow is a rural village surrounded by farms and forests, it offers plenty of possibilities for sports and recreation.


The most popular way of exploring the region is on bicycle. There are hardly any hills so it is a pleasure to go from one point of interest to the next on bike. We always have some bikes for you (no charge) and additional bikes may be rented in the village for little money.


There is a lake here (10min walking distance) and if the weather is not really inviting, there is the "Wendland Therme" a indoor swimming-pool including sauna, restaurant, salt-water pool, massage and more...(2min to walk).

Canoeing, Windsurfing

On the lake you can test your skill in windsurfing (or learn it), and there are guided canoe-tours on the creeks around to the Elbe and on it.


This is the second most popular sports. There are plenty of possible tours around Gartow or to the villages around. Short tours and longer, depending on your endurance. All of them are interesting, whether to the Elbe, the "beaver-path", through forests and over fields.


If you want to roam the region on horseback, there are various possibilities to do so. Guided tours as well as trainers. Some miles from Gartow, there's even a trainer teaching "Western-style-riding" and he's got some really nice thoroughbred Arabian horses.

Fishing, hunting (deer, boar...). For this you'd better make arrangements in advance.


There are choir concerts of local choirs on several occasions during the year. Something really special is the "Schubertiaden" in Schnackenburg, Sept. 13-18., where internationally renowned musicians show their expertise and young musicians work together with older ones. Concerts are held in the local church. All in all an event you should hear at least once in your life (Danger! it's addictive!). By the way - no entrance fees!