We live in "Haus Rosenkamp", but where can we buy food to cook?

In and around Gartow:English text

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(all distances are walking distances)

In Gartow there is a supermarket (ca. 5 min).
The "Vinothek" offers an excellent range of wines and more. They specialize in Spanish products.
A butcher specializied in game, such as roe, deer, boar. Please ask for service hours.
The "Naturkostladen" offers fresh bio-fruit and -vegetables.
There is a Pharmacy, two petrol stations (including car service), a well equipped bycicle shop, a flower-shop, 2 bakers', 2 haircutters' and more...

Every Friday morning is market day in Gartow where you can find everything from Greek olives to local potatoes.

Pubs and Restaurants
In a village like Gartow you'll expect some pubs and restaurants. And there are several. We recommend the "Hahnenberger Bierstube". Not only because it is very close (2 min walk), but also because of the quality of the food there. Try local specialities they offer!
There are 2 doctors and 2 dentists in Gartow.

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